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JK Drum Solutions Podcasts   Every once in a while I pose articles, essays, comments, questions, critiques, thoughts, postulations, epiphanies, soliloquies if not outright rants, pontifications or oddball conjectures.  So really what's wrong with a good old-fashioned inspired prolix now and then, yes yes?

   In the educational realm there exist some points of view that are just completely wrong or defeatist.  Most of them sadly parsed out by educators.  To this point, I exhort you to ponder some points of view I am helpless to keep to myself - mostly to help you recognize ideas that may limit your own development.  Feel free to send feedback.  If you "like", copy a blog link you enjoyed here to your social networking portal.
Musical Aphorisms That Need To Die Educationals Observations From the Teacher's Chair
01 'Practice Makes Proficent' A Clarification On 'Finger Control' Leveling a Gross Misunderstanding
02 'Less Is (Not) More' The Practice  
03 'You Have To Pay Your Dues' Affording the Higher Education Paradigm  
04 'You Have To Start Young' Transcriptions vs. Charts vs. Arrangements Potpourri
05 'You Must Practice Hours a Day' Always Keep Your Gig Notes! Why I will Not See the Movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
06 'You Have To Be Able To Hang' The "Write" Thing To Do Intros Musicians REALLY recorded
07 'There Are No Mistakes'    
Airing of Grievances Observations From the Drum Chair
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