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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a drum set transcription different than a drum chart?
   Very often "transcription" and "chart" are used interchangeably.  Formally speaking, a "chart" is a more general drum part, while a "transcription"is very detail-oriented.  Unless noted, I focus on the full-detail transcriptions.

Do I have to learn the entire transcription to play the song?
   Absolutely not.  Transcriptions are typically more for studying the specific phrasings or vocabulary a drummer uses.

Do you have any 'drum tab' versions of your charts?
   No, and while drum tabs are a valid way for a drummer to get going on reading, if you spend a short time learning to read formal notation just the same, you will discover formal notation is actually easier to read...and write!

Do you have any videos that scroll the notation along with the song?
   I do not.

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