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The Zombie Stare
How Not To Communicate On Stage

There is something with you I must share
Something perhaps not so rare
Something for sure you should beware
It is of course – The Zombie Stare


Sitting in with a band - how grand!
But playing a tune not planned...
There comes a point where we all stop
and I really needed that clear head bop

If I'm lucky, I may catch their eyes
however with that dead fish gaze
I am no more wise..

The band just looks at each other,
elsewhere or about
And I plead "Oh brother!
Help this drummer out!

With no cue in queue, I helplessly stew -
I've only ask for a clue
Why do they eschew me that due?

The mark passes
A new lark amasses
Frontal lobes in stasis
Oh, those blank faces!

It never makes sense; it's certainly not fair
But this is the folly of the Zombie Stare