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Published Transcriptions

    Austin Drummer Magazine
    Fall/Winter 2017 - 'It's No Fun To Not Like Pop' by Wayne Krantz (Keith Carlock, dr.)
    Winter/Spring 2016-2017 - 'Diamond Dust' by Jeff Beck (Richard Bailey, dr.)
    Fall 2016 - 'The Situation' by Jeff Beck (Cozy Powell, dr.) and article 'Sideways Shuffle Rhythm'
    Summer 2016 - 'Law Of Attraction' by Katisse (Louis Cole, dr.)
    Spring 2016 - 'Jeff Beck' by Wayne Krantz (Keith Carlock, dr.)

    DRUMHEAD magazine
    March/April 2010 - 'Futile' by Porcupine Tree (Gavin Harrison, drums)
    May/June 2011 - 'Blue Rondo A' La Turk' by Dave Brubeck Quartet (Joe Morello, dr.)

    Modern Drummer magazine
    Nov 2008 - 'Manic Depression' by Jimi Hendrix (Mitch Mitchell, dr.)
    Oct 2008 - 'One With Everything' by Styx (Todd Sucherman, dr.)
    Aug 2008 - 'Moby Dick' (with full drum solo) by Led Zeppelin(John Bonham, dr.)
    Oct 2007 - 'The Sound Of Muzak' by Porcupine Tree (Gavin Harrison, dr.)
    Sept 2005 - 'Blackest Eyes' by Porcupine Tree (Gavin Harrison, dr.)

    'Rope' (Foo Fighters), 'Joker & the Thief' (Wolfmother), 'Watching the Detectives' (Elvis Costello), 'Sober' (Tool), 'When the Levee Breaks' (Led Zeppelin), 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic' (The Police), 'Make Me Smile' (Chicago) and 'Toxicity' (System Of A Down)

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