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Need a transcription/chart for study or arrangement charts for your gig?

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What are the differences?
Transcriptions are detailed - as in all the minutiae! Every change in cymbal texture, hand clap, dynamics, tom tom, cymbal type, tempo changes, etc. Good for students doing recitals or even an enthusiast studying their favorite drummer's vocabulary.

Charts contain the main grooves and fills but the idea is to see more of the song arrangement. More repeats signs, multiple endings. Some minor details may be ignored in order to keep the chart less than 2 pages. Good for beginner to intermediate students.

Arrangements are more for the gigging drummer who doesn't have time to write their own. These contain basic groove information and mark locations for fills and ensemble accent figures and stops. Orchestrations are not priority.

The cost is determined by many factors!
Aside from the type of draft you require, length of tune & difficulty also determine the cost.
I do my best to offer a charge that is fair to me and reasonable for you!

Email for details!