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Need a transcription/chart for study or arrangement charts for your gig?

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What are the differences?
Transcriptions are detailed - as in practically all the minutiae! Every change in cymbal texture, hand clap, dynamics, tom tom, cymbal type, tempo changes, etc.  Good for studying a drummer's vocabulary - enthusiasts or students.

Charts contain the main grooves and fills but less concern with the ultimate detail. More repeats signs, multiple endings. Minor details may be ignored in order to keep the chart shorter. Good for beginner to intermediate students or for gigging drummers.

Arrangements are more for the gigging drummer who primarily needs to see the song structure. These contain basic groove information and marked locations for fills, ensemble accent figures and stops.

As you may notice, the titles offered on this site are transcriptions
If you contract me to create you a transcription, chart or arrangement I need the following:
(1) the song mp3 or link to YouTube (or similar) Please know there can be multiple versions (e.g. remixes, re-releases can often be slightly different) so please indicate.
(2) Which type:  transcription, chart or arrangement
(3) Do you require an audio version or midi file?
(4) Date needed

The cost is determined by many factors - detail, length of tune & difficulty.  Delivery date will be communicated but varies.
I do my best to charge what is fair to me and reasonable for you!

If you contract me for a transcription I give 6 months of exclusivity before I may post on jkdrumsolutions.com. 
Having said that, I also offer a pricing option (please inquire) in the case where I would hope to post it to jkdrumsolutions.com sooner.

Email for details!