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Lessons, Clinics & Masterclasses

   In-person, one-on-one lessons can be arranged at your home. Drum set/percussion lessons for all ages/levels.  All the typical subjects: reading, coordination, styles, rudiments and technique.  I like to stress methods of practice.  You know that feeling where you sit down to practice and as soon as you hit a wall you lose focus and perhaps feel like it's going nowhere?  If you understand how to properly break material down, the "how & when" you can efficiently learn whatever you set your mind to doing!

   Lessons are generally weekly. Bi-weekly lessons are available. Lessons of less frequency recommended for at least advanced intermediate level. Email for info/availability.

   For those out of the immediate area, online drum lessons are available and are most appropriate/practical for intermediate to advanced drummers with basic reading skills, sticks and a proper computer interface.  Email for infomation on online lessons.  Online lesson scheduling is not available for weekly frequency.

   Clinics & Masterclasses can be arranged covering topics or tailored to your group.  Email to inquire about a masterclass or clinic in your area!