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Everybody Wants To 'Tool' the World

finding a common thread between an 80s pop hit and one of the coolest Danny Carey grooves

  So if you want an easier way to play the verse for 'Ænema' by Tool ... look no further than the 1985 pop hit 'Everybody Wants To Rule the World' by Tears For Fears.

  The hi-hat pattern is a 3:2 polyrhythm - that is, 3 evenly spaced notes over the space of 2 beats around a SD on "4" & "10" in 12/8 ("2" & "4" if you prefer 4/4 notating triplets). The ornamentations DC plays are acheived by using two degrees of bounce without disturbing the consistent wrist motions (lightly squeeze for the 16th doubles on "8".)

Ænema verse
'Ænema', Tool

Everybody Wants To Rule the World verse
'Everybody Wants To Rule the World', Tears For Fears