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'Bohemian Parody'

    I've been a Queen fan since I was 10 years old. That's 1980. 'The Game' had just came out. A fabulous time in rock music.

    I have every Queen album, ahem - cd. I have a handful of live video dvds.  I have all I need.  But apparently that's not enough.  Through exploitation of Freddie Mercury's death by the music industry, by Brian May and Roger Taylor, and a low-esteem consumption culture we have witnessed a resurgence of their popularity with a youthful generation that only relates to the band by the intrigue of Mercury's sexuality.  But fans they are not.  They are relevance-seeking pilot fish who are barely able to recognize their own gender, let alone respect others for their own business.

     And then this bio-puke biopic movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - a flimsy Hollywood re-telling of a band's history as a platform to prop up a shameless invasion of someone's sexual privacy.

    "But Brian May and Roger Taylor supported the movie!"

    And?...and John Deacon, whom these non-Queen fans don't even know exists, did not support the movie.  You know - the member of the band who didn't want to particpate in the glossing of FM into a novelty.

    Brian May rationalizes selling out his deceased friend: "..we realised if we didn't get involved, then somebody else would do it and then you wouldn't be able to protect Freddie's kind of legacy."  Ah yeah.  And Judas sold out his Savior for thirty silver pieces.  Whatever, right?  Ultimately May & Taylor sold out their bud to score some bucks and an extra boost of relevance before they slowly dissipate in to the fumes of memor.

     If the first thing you think about when you hear a Queen tune or the name "Freddie Mercury" is his sexuality - you're just a gossip whore.  If you think flamboyant fluffer puppy dog Adam Lambert and his whiny, nasally register is a fitting poser for fronting Queen you are not a fan.  Meanwhile Mark Martel, an amazing singer (not an actor) who very closely can copy the STYLE of FM as well as imitate the various idiosyncrasies of each stage of FM's career is not even on the radar of May and Taylor.   Perhaps Martel reached for the stars conflicted with May/Taylor asking him to reach for the bar of soap on the floor.  Too much conjecture?  Now you know how Queen fans feel.  I found a video where Canadian singer/educator Ken Tamplin also discusses the shortcomings of the lassie Lambert

     Easy litmuses to determine how fake and shallow these "new" fans are:
     - Ask them to name the bassist of Queen.  They can't.
     - Ask them to name the album Bohemian Rhapsody first appeared.  They can't.
     - Ask them to name a SINGLE Queen album they own that is not a Best Of.  They Can't.

     If such people were so bent on "loving" FM then they would know the disdain he had for press who since the 70s have shamelessy wanted to peer in on his personal life.  So if their "love" included respect, their conscience would revolt.