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Socrates Was Not a Chariot Salesman

   For some time we have seen the internet version of "infomercials": videos that you cannot fast forward or skip around.  As if this somehow got recommended by top marketing campaigns.  But worst of all it's now becoming commonplace with music education videos.  When you see this, you know the person selling you thinks of you as a "D" - as demented, deluded or desperate - if this is the approach someone is tossing at you in order to learn "How to solo with ease" or similar, save yourself the wasted time and skip it.  If you have to be trapped to hear a sales pitch or upsell, the person selling that thing needs to get out of education entirely.  Imagine your classes or lessons being interrupted by a sales pitch (not implausible at this rate).  Avoid the kind of people who would think of you that lowly that even if you bought their product - which likely involves another succession of videos that you have to wait through to get your desired information which will turn out to be nothing you haven't already gleaned from other education videos - they seller will respect you or your privacy no more.

   For instance, I will not even place flyers under windshield wipers because it's saying to a person I couldn't care less about your car that I'm willing to molest it in order to put my ass in your face.  And flyers under the wipers are nothing compared to the marketing tactic that takes very willing, interested musicians often eager to better themselves and treats them like cattle in to the meat grinder.

   There are no shortcuts!  Any video promoting information otherwise are lying.  You are welcome to find out for yourself but I would rather save you the wasted time, effort and money.