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The Practice

   For those who have had the sobering realization that merely showing up to your practice room &/or your lesson doesn't make you better - consider the idea that you may beed to learn HOW to practice before you can dig in to the WHAT

   The HOW to practice requires two things: Method and Consistency.

   "Method" meaning you have a way(s) of breaking down material so you can develop "it" - a technique, a groove, a fill, a phrase...anything.  Such that even if you only have five minutes to practice something, it will have been practical.  In a way we need to...practice how to practice!

   "Consistency" means you work on things more days than not. It's the only way for learned things to stick. If you've ever wondered how long you must practice something - well generally, until mental or muscle memory logs it in to your subconscious.

   As for the WHAT to practice: There is what you want to practice as well as what you need to practice.  If you are an actively performing drummer...you will have the benefit of the gig dictating the immediate needs and requirements of your practice.  Aside from song specifics, things like your timing, feel, arrangements or even your creative take on the drum parts.   If you are not a gigging drummer, perhaps the song(s) that you aspire to play-along will provide a list of things needed.

  In order to apply "method" you or your teacher need to address weak spots and how to go about building those skills.  When you become confident with your methods you become much better at balancing your expectations with patience.

   I wrote an article on The Practice that goes in depth about perspectives on one's motivations to practice and ideas on how to bolster your own practice methods.  Check it out and I think you'll get some good ideas from it and by all means feel free to contact me with any questions!