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"Transcription update" means the title has been reviewed for corrections and now comes with an audio file of the drum part.  If you see an update for a title you purchased and have not received it, please let me know!

Date Title
6/2024 'Shadows In the Rain' (Sting)
'I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues' (Elton John)

3/2024 'If' (Joe Satriani)

1/2024 'Bye Bye Love', 'Touch and Go' (The Cars)

11/2023 'Anthem' (Rush)

10/2023 'Molly' (Sponge)
'Only A Fool Would Say That' (Steely Dan)
'Sunshine Of Your Love' - full detail version - (Cream)
'Don't Dream It's Over' (Crowded House)

09/2023 'Valotte' (Julian Lennon)
'I'm the One' (Van Halen)
'Dance the Night Away' (Van Halen)
'Romeo Delight' (Van Halen)

08/2023 'Childhood's End' (Pink Floyd)
'Down By the Seaside' (Led Zeppelin)
'Ten Years Gone' (Led Zeppelin)

12/2022 'True' (Spandau Ballet)
'Bullet With Butterfly Wings' (Smashing Pumpkins)
'Can I Tell You' (Kansas)

11/2022 'Dogs Eating Dogs' (Blink-182)
'Everybody Wants Some' (Van Halen)

09/2022 Van Halen: 'Atomic Punk', 'Sinner's Swing', 'Panama' and 'Unchained'
'Baker Street' (Gerry Rafferty)
'Life's Been Good' (Joe Walsh)

08/2022 'Borrowed Time' (Styx)

07/2022 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg' (The Temptations)
'Love Her Madly' (The Doors)

06/2022 'Sail On' (Commodores) (free)
'Feels So Good' (Chuck Mangione)
Transcription update: 'U.S. Drag' (Missing Persons)
05/2022 'Musicatto' (Kansas)

02/2022 'America' (Yes)
'Wild World' (Cat Stevens)

12/2021 'Harridan' (Porcupine Tree)
'Love Is Alive' (Gary Wright)
'Go Your Own Way' (Fleetwood Mac) (free)
11/2021 'Cemetery Gates' (Pantera)
10/2021 'My Sharona' (The Knack) (free)
08/2021 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' (Genesis)
07/2021 'Hard Ride' (Pantera)
06/2021  'Feels Like the First Time' (Foreigner) (free)
05/2021 'Another World (reprise)' (Cheap Trick)
'Magic Power' (Triumph)
11/2020 '25 Or 6 To 4' (Chicago)
09/2020 'Secret Touch' (Rush)
07/2020 'Losing It' & 'Red Lenses' (Rush)
06/2020 'Footloose' (Kenny Loggins)
The Weapon' & 'Cinderella Man' (Rush)

05/2020 'Only the Lonely' (The Motels)
'Caught Up In You' (38 Special)
04/2020 'Thelonius' (Jeff Beck)
02/2020 'Head for Backstage Pass' & 'Air Blower' (Jeff Beck)
01/2020 'Led Boots' & 'Constipated Duck' (Jeff Beck)

10/2019 'Lagerborg' (Josh Freese)
Transcription update (audio added): 'Moroccan Sunset' (Joe Satriani)
08/2019 'Scatterbrain' (Jeff Beck)
'Banana Mango II' (Joe Satriani)
06/2019 'Yours Is No Disgrace' (Yes)
'In My Life' (The Beatles)
'Burning' For You' (Blue Oyster Cult)
'Love Potion No. 9' (The Searchers)
'Burning Sky' (Bad Company)
Transcription update: 'The Witch and the Priest' (Tony MacAlpine)

05/2019 Transcription update: 'Indiscipline' (King Crimson)

04/2019 'Rubina' (live) (Joe Satriani)
03/2019 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' & 'Wish You Were Here' (Pink Floyd)
'Vertigo' & 'Pride' (U2)
'Mary Jane's Last Dance' (Tom Petty)
'In the End' (Linkin Park)
'Baby Blue' (Badfinger)
06/2018 'Rusalka' (Tony MacAlpine)
06/2018 'Middle Of the Road' (The Pretenders)
05/2018 'Into the Lens' (Yes)
'Freebird' (Lyrnyrd Skynyrd)
'Overkill' (Men At Work)
Transcription update (audio added): 'Right In Two' (Tool)
03/2018 'While You See A Chance' (Steve Winwood)
'Tiptoe' (Imagine Dragons)
02/2018 'Sister Golden Hair' (America)
Transcription update:  'Crazy Train'
01/2018 Transcription update:  'H
05/2017 Transcription update:  'Bottom'
11/2017 'Never Tear Us Apart' (INXS)
'I Want You' (The Beatles)
'Mojo Pin' (Jeff Buckley)
10/2017 'Corkentellis' & 'Framed' (Saga)
07/2017 'Down Rodeo', 'Know Your Enemy', 'Bullet In the Head','Revolver', 'People Of the Sun','Wake Up', 'Vietnow', Know Your Enemy', 'Sleep Now In the Fire', 'How I Could Just Kill A Man', 'War Within A Breath', 'Freedom', 'Bulls On Parade', 'Testify', 'Bombtrack', 'Take the Power Back' & 'Roll Right' (all RAtM)
05/2017 'Heart Of Glass' (Blondie)
Transcription updates (added audio):
'The Sound of Muzak' & 'Futile' (Porcupine Tree)
'Stone In Love' (Journey)
'Break On Through' (The Doors)
'Back & Forth' (Foo Fighters)
'Dani California' & 'Under the Bridge'
04/2017 'How Many More Times' (Zep)
'Radar Love' (White Lion version)
'Let's Go' (The Cars)
Transcription updates:
'Two Suns In the Sunset'
'Moby Dick'
03/2017 Transcription updates:
'Stinkfist', 'Sweat', 'Pushit' (Tool), 'My Wave'
Ilan Rubin '2011 Drum-off solo' (Improved intro; added stickings; corrected ride cymbal detail in last half)

02/2017 'Let 'Em In' (Paul McCartney)
'Touch Me' (The Doors)
Transcription update: 'Murder By Numbers'
01/2017 'The Violin Song' (Tony MacAlpine)
Transcription update: 'Three Of A Perfect Pair'
11/2016 'The Witch and the Priest' (Tony MacAlpine)
10/2016 'Wheel Of Fortune' (Tony MacAlpine)