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Real Beats

Real Beats is a drum beat reading book where every beat is from an actual song!  This in turn encourages the reader to not only read but to listen.  Real Beats includes an audio file for every exercise (364 of them) and each beat has at least one song title reference with many having numerous.  Note: Beats do not include notation of hi-hat opens or effects cymbals.

   There are 1-, 2- and 4-measure grooves to boot!  Real Beats is 35 pages of Rock/Funk beats, 12/8 Grooves and 5 categories of Shuffle Grooves. Real Beats helps you work on your beat reading at an organized pace and covers a practical parameter of beat styles. For beginner to intermediate reading!

First Beats and Fills PDF version incl. audio downloads: $9

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Real Beats sample 1 Real Beats sample 1 Real Beats sample 2 Real Beats sample 2 Real Beats sample 3 Real Beats sample 3